Prayers For Her

September 26, 2011
He sees it again
That emptiness within her
She’s taking drags
Off her cigarette
Slowly killing
The pain that had been there

He knows what she’ll do
He’s seen it before
She takes the cigarette
Rolls up her sleeves
She has no clue
That he’s even there

He takes the cigarette
Right out of her mouth
He drops it to the ground
And puts it out

She gets angry
Just like usual
She screams and yells
Then runs and cries
She didn’t understand it

He watched her leave
He knew she’d try again
She always did this
Just to kill her emotions

He loved her
He had for so long
It hurt him now
Watching her do this

She was curled up
On her bed
Clothing now a bit torn
Hair a huge mess

He took a calming breath
Walked into the room
Pulled her to him
And prayed to God
That he could save her

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