Monster's Lair

September 26, 2011
By HolesInTheHeart GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
HolesInTheHeart GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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Lonely road...
Yellow brick? Purple brick.
Curving through the forest. Albino trees.
Where am I going?

Can't remember.
Where am I now?

Don't care.
What's my name again?

Have no idea.
Oh well...

Keep on marching.
I'll carry on...although I'm not really sure why.
Down the purple road.
Yeah, I see you watching me,
peeking from behind the trees.
Maniacs with bright orange eyes,
Neon in the shadows
Enclosed in kennels.
Electric fences, razor wire on top.

Or, hey, wait a sec.
I'm the one in the cage.
Mesh stretches overhead,
Arching over purple bricks.
The murderers cower, whimper, duck for cover,
Run away and stumble.
Running from me.
The Original maniac,
The monster.


Yeah, I did that. Keep away freaks.
Stay out of my space, or I'll eat you peeps.
A tower ahead,
Now what's this?
Crumbling and oozing.
Black and blue slime.
As bruised as my brain feels.
Stacked like a triple-decker birthday cake.
With a yellow submarine on top.


Yeah, I'm home.
Back to the Batcave.
Back to the future.
The future of everyone here.
To be munched on by a maniac monster
In a bleeding birthday cake.
With candles on top.

Stretch out my stomping
Monster foot.
Put it down on the doormat.

“Lair Sweet Lair”


I fall through the trapdoor.
Into a pit of skeletons and despair.
Bright red eyes
In the dark.
Gnashing teeth.

“Prepare to die”

Oh shoot...
This's the lair next door.
I should've taken
The yellow brick road home...

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