Hold On

September 9, 2011
By PrettyYoungPoet SILVER, Oakland, California
PrettyYoungPoet SILVER, Oakland, California
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"Everything happens for a reason." and "Those who fly alone have the strongest wings"

If you compared my life to a play structure,
I would stand there, feet swinging
holding on tight to the monkey bars
too afraid to even think about letting go
since I hold on tight to my pass

I hold on the the memories
of packing boxes and leaving my one true home
I was excited at the time but it took me to be gone
to finally realize how much I truly left behind

I hold on to how scared I was coming into high school
scared to walk the halls and find my class rooms
anticipating that first bell that was going to ring soon

I hold on to my little princess
who was sadly taken away from me
little cousin I'm still holding on to you
and I love you till my death Mi'Arre

I hold on to my countless number of cries
that never seem to end
but I constantly continue to wipe my eyes
and always make amends

I try to tune my life out with the radio
but I keep hearing the same songs
so I tune the music out and i hold on
to these painful memories
of broken families
fussing and arguing
seems to always get to me

so I cry

but only at night when no one else can hear me
so I can stay being the least of everyone else's worries

I break my neck everyday trying to make others happy
and sadly at the end of the day I still feel like I've done wrong
I appreciate the people who gladly encourage me to be strong

I try to keep it pushing
but I find it hard to move on
I cant detach myself from the past
so I guess for now I'll hold on.

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