Daddy's little girl

August 31, 2011
By diamondchrissy BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
diamondchrissy BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
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"God is good" "what goes around comes around" "let love be your highest goal"

From the moment i was born, you were so happy to see me.

bald head, big head, small baby with hands curved into fist ready to fight the world

I dont remember much, yet somehow i remember your smile..

now i dont see it anymore..only in my thoughts and yet they seem faded

If i were to put the drink, smoke to my mouth would i still be your little girl?

If i gave up the one thing that kept me pure to anyone..would you still call me your princess?

Am i still daddy's little girl If i dyed my hair black, wear black and saw only black?

daddy, daddy...whats that?

daddy where have you gone?

daddy dont be gone for long!

Daddy, daddy if your gone for long...who will sing me songs?

stupid young girl daddy's gone! and he moved along...


daddy...why have you gone?


The author's comments:
I got this thought from my dad, being his only child made me feel special. Though how can i feel special if hes not there?

To all those with a dad that actually cares...take good care of what you have and never let a woman get in a way no matter what...

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