August 31, 2011
By HAL123 BRONZE, Edinburg, Virginia
HAL123 BRONZE, Edinburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement."
- Steve Prefontaine

It is cold here in the ever-white abyss,
I just want to go somewhere warm,
Anywhere warm,
I am so desperate that I would give an arm to sit by a toasty fire,
My arms are numb anyway,
I do not know how long I have been walking,
It seems like an eternity,
It is so cold,
I wonder if I am near my sod house,
I pray that I am near my sod house,
I am nowhere near my sod house,
It is so cold,
I am sure that if I could feel my legs, they would be very stiff and sore from walking,
And walking,
And walking,
It is so cold,
I have no tears left,
I have used them all in my despair,
The harsh, unforgiving, blizzard has plastered the tears that I have already shed to my face,
My gray face, which I cannot feel anymore,
It is so cold,
I do not understand how my body is numb, but is still functioning,
I do not understand, and I do not care,

I just keep walking,
Even when every part of my body is gray from the teeth-chattering wind,
I keep walking,
It is so cold,
My original destination was my sod home,
My warm sod home,
Now I do not care where I go,
Just as long as it is warm,
It is so cold,
I seem to have become a vagrant,
The more I assay my surroundings,
The more lost and helpless I feel,
I am so tired,
Maybe if I lie down and sleep, I will find the will and energy to carry on,
Sleep will bring warmth,
It will bring me inner warmth that heats me soul, not my body,
I want that warmth,
I need that warmth,
I am going to get that warmth,
It is so cold,
You may think me a bit mad to be chasing psychological warmth,
But, my friend, you have no comprehension of cold,
Of freezing, bitter cold,
Of utter despair,
Of pure torture,
Of agony,
I do,
Sleep will bring relief from this blizzard,
From this frozen wasteland,
From this soul-crushing despair,
It is so cold,
So, my friend I am going to sleep,
As for the person who discovers this note,
Please tell my wife Ellen Johnston, and my children that I love them,
And deliver this note to them,
To remember me by,
It is so cold,
I feel the cold clutches of death upon me now,
But, maybe if I sleep I will uncover enough courage to carry on,
Maybe if I just sleep,
If I just sleep,
If I just sleep,
Death is so cold.

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