August 31, 2011
i drank caffeine so my brain woke up.
it shook my lids, they danced in open windows
but i laughed, i shook the air out of my chest
and poured it on the coffee table where it
splayed and stretched and wrapped around my mug.
i swear i heard it laugh with me, i swear it did
the greatest thing a friend can do. my day was
beautiful because of that laugh.

it was quiet later so i drank black tea.
and my cheeks hurt for hours since i smiled
through my sleep and i kept smiling because
black tea would help me smile in my wake.
and i thought if a laugh passed me on the
street i would say how beautiful and make it
nibble on my ear, make it bend around my
body, rest on me like a scent. i will sense it
for a while and then i'll give it to you.

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