The Honest Truth

August 31, 2011
By , Palatine, IL
Honesty is the one thing I never regretted
The truth has a funny way of letting me say
f*ck you
and your
and your blue eyes
shimmering with tears
there's no sympathy here
believe me
get out of my sight
I don't care who's wrong
or who's right

The strains
and drains
and chains
you put on me
have convinced me I've been falling
for too long
I've been falling
and stalling
mentally withdrawing
emotionally brawling
I feel no sin
of mine
except the truth
secretly beheld

Neglect me
reject me
embrace me
Abate me
I see
you for what you are
just a lonely, blue guitar
I got one in my closet
almost forgot about it
I wish I could forget about
that's the honest truth.

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