Our Subconscious Minds

September 15, 2011
By alialh7 GOLD, Greensboro, North Carolina
alialh7 GOLD, Greensboro, North Carolina
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Poverty-stricken mud-built huts washed away
in the season of rain
The exposure of potbellied infants and ribcaged children
goes unnoticed
Deceased lie perished, unresponsive
They died too young
without even the slightest opportunity to live
They continue to fight for survival
while we selfishly dwell hungrily on materialistic wants
They starve for decent health, a chance for survival
We think we are worthy because we hand our godforsaken
sums of money to donation for the less fortunate
When we are really just greedy for recognition
We should be ashamed of ourselves
Shoving our pity into the business of families and homes
of "less-developed 3rd world countries"
We are supposed to be lucky to be advanced,
or should I say advantaged
We are being taken care of,
the furthest from independent
Others need our help
Not the money we billionaires can make in a day
Equivalent to how much it is to build a sturdy home
You know, we do these things second nature
to make America look as good as we are rumored to be
All of this nonsense act, this effortless effort
In order to get the attention we starve for daily
I should have lived in another time

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