The Nightmare of Poe

September 15, 2011
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The Raven;
Please silence its terrible tapping;
Rapping, rapping;
Staring, snapping;
Blame me for the lost Lenore?
You know nothing, clumsy bird!
Nothing at all, and nothing more!
Perhaps I could pray for the lost Lenore?
If I confess my sins, will thy quit my door?
She died there, upon the floor!
Tear up the floorboards, Nevermore!
A tub caught all, and no tale nor lore,
Nor humorous rumor shall tell mine tale!
Betwixt us, Raven, if not your confidence fail;
The Cat doth ail me, its vulture eye my mind derails;
No more! Silence the heart!
Please, fair Raven! Nevermore!
Spare me! Spare me!
Oh, powerful, deathless, judging Raven!
Take my soul and keep me naught!
Too much hath happened within these walls!
The Death, parading in Red!
Through all of my apartments he gallivanted!
He raved, Raven!
Do you rave, Raven?
Black, Red, White, Green!
He comes for me, Raven!
Through the apartments he can be seen!
Blue, Yellow, he is upon me!
I confess, Raven!
I confess I am to blame!
Lenore, she lived and died the same;
The Cat, he mocks and laughs at my shame!
Such pain!
And now I ask, deliver the same!
Death unto me!
The Red Death, O flighty Raven!
Casteth me into the black;
The lost Lenore, who I hath loved and lacked;
Strike me down, O Nevermore;
And I shall say naught forever more…

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