Sleepless Knife

September 15, 2011
By Anonymous

It's one in the morning and sleep won't come
My mind is moving too fast to keep up with
Why do I have all these painful thoughts
Why did you have to go away
Now as I sit in the corner of my room alone
This sharp knife in my hand 
Will this take all the pain away
I don't know but I keeps me from dying
It's dark and cold and my lights don't work
I have to get up at six but I just don't care
Has it ever brought me joy to be there
The people called friends just stab your back
And when the cuts don't seem to be deep enough
What do I do when they keep on scarring
I'm skimming past all my old memories
Back when the smiles were real
I'm scarred of what other people are thinking
Will they worry will they pity
I know I don't need help just don't send me away
cause I'm okay

The author's comments:
Sad night

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