green eyes

September 14, 2011
maple tree leaves after all the rain, slick with little jewels, like teardrops on empty pages. Or the grass, sharp and cold under my bare toe's, as i ran towards the dipping moon...Green...were the eyes that shivered in my mind and danced on my soul. they belonged to the man that resigned so carefully stepping on my reason like it were made of the early morning spiders web.I thought he was what i needed, the medicine in the cabinet, the blanket on my shoulders. and so i raised him from a thought to a young man who would hold me in his arm's and whisper his spoken love. He would save me and ride away with me on that back of his silver stallion. and then my eyes opened revealing their murky gray depths, and seeing, those blue eye's... no longer did she grasp her green eyed prince. because this boy...his eyes..they sailed through her walls, and made her shiver as they captured her soul. she didn't need the green eyed prince...for she had her blue eyed boy.

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