September 14, 2011
By Anonymous


I am here

trembling in the afternoon sunlight.

The sleek beads of sweat fall from my brow in a rhythmic pattern, so unlike the beating of my troubled heart.

My hand traces the brisk waves as I watch them crash over the jagged rocks,
each destruction pulsing into my shattered soul.

Desire, burning desire envelops my entire being,

racing through my veins like deadly poison.

The need for a caress of pure love;

the simple adoration that is felt through a gentle embrace.

An angelic figure appears in the distance,

moving across the blazing sand as if answering an unspoken prayer.

Gently, he moves my bright hair away from my gleaming eyes,

his own holding nothing but innocent intrigue.

The breath is stilled within my lungs,

the hunger for this perfect moment encompassing the need for air.

Alas, the waves crash upon this scene as violently as upon the dark rocks,

and I am left to realize that you are still trapped in my unattainable future.
You are there,

and I am here.

The author's comments:
This poem was written when I was very lonely and needed hope.

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