September 14, 2011
By OchibaKonpeki BRONZE, Maumelle, Arkansas
OchibaKonpeki BRONZE, Maumelle, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
The masochist says, "Hit me." The sadist says, "No."

Humming half-memorized lullabies
Lulls frightened victims of the mind
Into a false sense of security
With lines left unsung-
Casualties of a faulty memory-
Missed notes and forgotten verses.

A disjointed soliloquy
Who's lyrics don't matter to me
Or to you
Or to any long forgotten protagonist

An emotional tirade of
An apathetic soul
And yet it soothes.
It soothes.
It soothes.

It heals wounds that have numbed
Wounds you've forgotten
Wounds you can't appreciate the
Absence of

Humming half-memorized lullabies
Into the night to soothe
A mind more shattered than
Anyone realized, a mind just as
Abused as the soliloquy of
The artist with arthritis
The mute songwriter
The blind photographer
The butterfly with tattered wings

And the words remain undisturbed,
Written in a language long forgotten,
We hum half-memorized lullabies
To soothe our shattered souls
Until everything we stand for fades
Into a pathetic poetic pondrance

The author's comments:
I like the idea of an apathetic soliloquy to be honest, but I started with the line, "Humming half-memorized lullabies", and several weeks later I remembered the kine and wrote this.

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