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September 14, 2011
By BlackLullaby SILVER, Genola, Alabama
BlackLullaby SILVER, Genola, Alabama
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I have eyes 
I can see
Yet you think not
You think I'm blind
Maybe you can't see

I have ears
I can hear
All the things they say
All the cruel words
What if they heard themselves

Can you feel it
They way they think of us
Because we are free
While they are caged
We can liberate them

With my last breath
I will speak
What will you hear
Will anyone care
Or is everyone deaf

I stare at them
Their eyes tell all their story's for them
Singing tales of their life
And their lies
But no one sees their truths

I'm not going anywhere
I will not break
They will choke on their pride
With hearts made of stone
They will sink in tears

 That is karma
Always bites you for your mistakes
As it will me
You too
This time I will be heard

Sound disappears from me
My mind goes black
Dig the pain out of my chest
It never leaves
My course is blurred

I had the strangest dream
Close your eyes
And scream with me
Let's be heard
Show what we have to prove

Can we light this room
Bring heat to the frozen
Close my eyes
I'll scream with you
This is who I really am

I hear the sirens wail
Break me
What if it can save me
Sun blocked by clouds
Who is the sun

I feel like I'm climbing
To fall is death
To the top is glory
I don't know
Can I make it

Does the past return
Just go home
Your no help
But now I'm mad
Why am I cruel

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