In the Shadows

September 14, 2011
By MissHeart SILVER, East St Louis, Illinois
MissHeart SILVER, East St Louis, Illinois
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In the shadows where I look at the world.
Where I see love, hate, non- believers, trust and lies.
Where you would wonder "what happened to that girl, she was so sweet."
Where you would say "he didn't trust anyone who wasn't afraid of him,that's why he is lonely.

In the shadows where I live with no communication is in tack. Where I hear and see but not speak. Where I have my own opinion, but can't let that out. In the shadows where I'm alone and to myself.

In the shadow where there is dark and cold. Where you freeze and no one care. You burn of coldness. Hoping someone will communicate to you and notice your in the little shadows between the gates o reality and the gates of fantasy. Where you can see the lights yet you feel like your in hell. In the shadows

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