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Day of Sorrow

September 14, 2011
By BlackLullaby SILVER, Genola, Alabama
BlackLullaby SILVER, Genola, Alabama
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There she lays
Cold, dark, pale
Wind blows her hair
Dark dress flows

I approach
Feet lightly skimming grass
Eyes water from sorrow
She looks peaceful

How did this happen
Who is so evil
To commit such a crime
What is the punishment

People all surround me
Same reaction
Same questions
Same sorrow

Life will go on 
But not today
Death has shrouded all happiness
The joy we once felt has been suffocated

Now me 
Standing at the edge of her final bed
See her still in that eternal rest
Don't think light will ever shine again

How could it
After all this pain
Will it ever recover
Will it ever return

All we see is the sad
Can anyone be happy today
Can anyone see the light
On this the day of sorrow

The author's comments:
Death is something that stays with you forever so I wrote about it

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