summer time when reality hits.

September 14, 2011
By eskaye SILVER, Houston, Texas
eskaye SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"art is the weapon against life as a symptom, defend yourself!" - my chemical romance

smile! pretend nothing is happening.
make imperfections normal.
get used to this new "way of life".
fall in love with it.
make new friends,make new memories.actually begin to think you have a good life..because you finnaly becane yourself.
but then, its taken away.
frozen,for days,weeks, monthes.
because of this stupid hot,humid weather.
when reality hits.
and it wouldn't be so bad..if we knew we were coming back to the same schedule,teachers,and friends.
but its an endless cycle.
not knowing what is to come,
our lives are taken over control,.
we have noo say.

returning but its never the same.
people have changed.
teachers are replaced.
and were left behind to do this alone.
but one thing stays the same.
the friends that are love will always stay close.

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