For Men In the Moon MAG

September 14, 2011
By TC529 GOLD, Hastings On Hudson, New York
TC529 GOLD, Hastings On Hudson, New York
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for kisses backlit by convenience store neon
that just made us more beautiful,
for hat brims which hid us from even ourselves,
shadowpuppets who blurred together
under streetlights to dilate and shrivel,
where breaking was for leather-bound notebooks,
not tonight or here, we were havingfun,
aren't you havingfun? this is for

that overhang with the view of a bright city,
we went to tell war stories,
exhale, look for the man in the moon,
and I'd always wonder if he saw the man in me,
this is for that same spot because
I wanted to be a sixteen-year-old martyr and
it was the only place where I could ever feel numb.

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