September 9, 2011
By daretobedifferent19 GOLD, Danbury, Connecticut
daretobedifferent19 GOLD, Danbury, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"One person's craziness is another person's reality."-Tim Burton

You silently watch as they taunt him,
Mock her, have them cornered so
There’s no hope for escape.
Her tears, and his waves of anger come
Out of desperation, because they are
They can only let these fools,
Who have nothing, nothing at all,
Butcher their self esteem and sink them lower and lower
Into the darkness.
He feels as if there isn’t a soul in the world
That would give him a second thought,
And she thinks that nobody would even lift a finger
To help her out.
But they are wrong.
These bullies, these monsters,
Have twisted his mind
And contorted her brain
Into a filthy mess of hate.
The issue has grown in his gut,
Sprouted in her head,
And has been growing ever since-
Like a grubby little seed in the dirt.
And yet nobody, not one witness, wants to help either of them.
They just watch it all happen,
Like they’re at a zoo watching animals, not people.
Nobody, not one witness, really seems to care…
Not until he’s combing through the pill cabinet,
Or she’s swaying on the edge of the roof.
Did this.
Those hateful monsters-
Created this.
Out of jealousy and to feed their own low self esteem,
They mutilate someone else.
Is it really worth making someone, a person just like you,
Feel like they don’t deserve to be loved,
All for a pat on the back from your buddy?
Is it really worth someone’s life, a person just like you,
To make you feel like good about yourself and higher than everyone else?
No. It’s all for nothing.
You’re so pathetic and stupid, don’t you see?
You’re not just a ruthless bully,
You’re a murderer too.

The author's comments:
I have had experiences with bullying and so have many others. From past expieriences, I know people commit suicide and do terrible things because bullies make them feel so low. We need to fight to stop bullying because its killing us all.

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