When we fight

September 9, 2011
By The_looking_glass BRONZE, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
The_looking_glass BRONZE, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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I dislike it when we fight.
It breaks my tender aching heart inside.
When you say those horrible things to me,
It feels like all my emotions are gone, they're bleeding.
I love you more then you know,
it's so much, actions can't show.
You're the one, who's supposed to stand behind me,
You're the one who's supposed to comfort me.
When we fight, we don't have any of that.
I have a deep love for you, more than anyone else.
There's a feeling I feel for you that I’ve never felt
before until i met you.
Take my hand and let's stand together,
let's stop arguing, let's surrender.
Let's not sit in each others sorrow,
but let's wake up, to another tomorrow.
When we fight, it pierces a big hole in my heart.
You say you're sorry, baby I know you are.
When you apologise, it don't take away the hurt.
When we fight, my aching heart yearns.
Let's get along, you and me.
Please lay down with me, and hold me.
I need to feel your touch on my hand,
I need you to cuddle me, i know you can.
Please, no more fighting.
No more arguing.
I want to soak up in your laughter.
I know that we're meant to be.
You've grown on me over the years.
Let's be happy, together, a family, forever

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