unknown me

September 9, 2011
Standing in the street watching cars fly by they
take a little piece of me with them
i am unknown this is an unknown me

I cry to keep on living
i beg and i plead
but all i am is unknown an unknown me

I hear whispers in the dark that tell me to come to them
i dont move and i dont go i jst sit there watch and listen
to the rest of the world i am unknown an unknown me

Laughter i hear it comes from me
am i truly happy or jst trying to cover it up
i dont know who i am to me i am unknown i am an unknown me

Laying down my life to save the ones i love
this isnt me i think but i care to much
to the world i am oblivious i am unknown an unknown me

Singing out so people can hear my voice
trying to please but am never pleased myself
i am unknown an unknown me

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apple2 said...
Dec. 23, 2011 at 9:21 am
So great ~~ xD. someone will known an unknown you.oneday~
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