Nothing is impossible to a Willing Heart

September 9, 2011

Nothing is impossible to a Willing Heart;
Dreamers always choose a harsh way.
Sometimes they can pick a Black Card,
And it isn’t good to let it make one’s day.
Nothing is impossible to a Willing Heart,
With no strength or company to go around the world,
When the Muse is gone to do your best art,
Or to come through the fire and water which is cold.
Even when the Destiny make you’re betrayed,
Or you feel shouting without-answer-love,
When life seems to be so closely tied,
Don’t even try to kill the God’s sacred Dove.
Just live looking around with your smile,
Even if the pain hurts every your cell,
The Willing Heart will make it all right after a while,
And the Angels will ring in their White Bell.

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