The Janitor

September 9, 2011
I hang my backpack on the wall on the nail.
I feel bad for the nail
it holds all my important stuff.
I play with friends
as my teacher grades my work.
My friend, Molly, falls down from the monkey bars.
She screams.
The teacher does not care.
I run to help her
though I don't know how.
She yells at her knee
that bleeds with roses.
Mama always knew what to do when I bleed roses.
The janitor
who is moping the floor close by
kneels down beside me.
I show Him my friend.
He touches her knee like
my Mama does to me.
He does not know her.
I don't think.
She stops
My friend looks at the Man.
She does not thank Him, but Mama told me that
I always thank people.
I thank Him for her.
He smiles at me with a great banana smile.
Mama says I smile like that.
I scream when He stands up and there
is a hole in both His hands.
He smiles and points to the hanging backpacks.
My important stuff is hanging on that one nail.
I have fear now.
I run to grab the backpack
and Molly follows me.
He mops up Molly's bleeding roses
with his hand, smiling tenderly.

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