The Vigilante

September 9, 2011
By hcoop BRONZE, Forest Hills, New York
hcoop BRONZE, Forest Hills, New York
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In a time not long ago, there was a man that none would know.
Neither good nor evil, neither righteous nor malicious,
Neither sane nor crazed, neither fake nor fictitious,
He fought in the shadows as neither hero nor villain,
He fought to defend our rights as man and woman,
He fought against the horrid evils seen on Earth.

His eyes were as black as night, masked in darkness, out of sight.
His hair was colorless, blessed with the shadow of many nights,
His skin was tanned, scarred with bruises from his many fights.
Built as giant as a giraffe, his height surpassed all others,
Built as strong as an ox, his might surpassed all others.
And with his might and with his height he fought the valorous fight;
He fought against the horrid evils seen on Earth.

When the times were tough, he would grow stronger.
When the times grew rough, he would fight longer.
When the darkness rose he would suppress it;
He fought against it and never rested.
And when hate clouded the judgment of fate
He still fought against the horrid evils seen on Earth.

Sinners, all the sinners, they were worthless villains,
They could not hide from him, his retribution,
His plan was simple, he called it a solution,
While criminals walked free due to a failing system,
He decided he would find a way to imprison them,
He took justice into his own hands to do what he had to,
By fighting against the horrid evils seen on Earth.

Criminals feared him, he disposed of them at his very whim;
Liars he put on trial, condemning them, teaching them not to break the rules;
Burglars he condemned, too, stealing from them their effective tools;
Murderers he stole from, he snatched their lives just as they had taken others’;
Terrorists he snatched in the middle of the night, murdering their wives, their children, and their mothers before their very sight . . . and then they were next.
He raised the standards of the righteous life, ensuring all would be protected through evil and strife,
But in his fight, the reflection he sought not to see overcame him like a deadly knife
Due to his fight against the horrid evils seen on Earth.

Governments soon feared him, their sentiments were to fight his every whim,
His crusades caused only more evil than before; thus, people sought his capture,
His mind became corrupted and in others’ pain, he became filled with rapture.
Originally, a noble cause he represented; now, he was hated and resented,
The evils of the world have plagued him, their maliciousness within him manifested,
His sanity wore away, peeling away like the ever passing time,
His confusion grew worse, blurred to him was the line which he used to walk,
Strayed was he, confused as a winter bee,
Because of fighting the horrid evils seen on Earth.

The darkness in his heart soon surpassed the darkness which he fought,
He sought to see the ends of evil but only more he brought,
To the enemy he took his fight, masked for confrontation,
He lit aflame their homes and caused them a burning sensation,
No elation was given to the pain inflicted,
No reduction of the pain to those who were afflicted,
He cursed them with his might, he brought evil to them in his fight,
His fight against the horrid evils seen on Earth.

Changed was he, now corrupt with power and fear,
Abruptly he was brought to a stop, an end to the blood and tears.
Chained in court as a last resort of protection of the citizens,
At last, unmasked, in a court of law, his face startled the denizens.
There was no face, only a mirror beneath the mask he wore,
And in it were the reflections of the people who he saw.
He was not one but the General Will, the will of retribution,
The will of hate, the will of fate, the will of lawless constitution.
He who fought the horrid evils seen on Earth was one of them.

He was a sinner, the worst kind of killer, a suppressed killer.
The darkened dreams of the General Will conjured him into being,
They gave him sight and a reason for seeing,
He was a vigilante, one who they wanted,
And now he was taunted by his very creators,
They who made him to avoid the court which he was in,
They who made him to fight evil and to fight sin,
They who initiated his fight against the horrid evils seen on Earth.

Like Frankenstein, his mind was warped, deviated from its quest,
So the people of the Earth sought to put him to his rest.
Now, his purpose was to be redacted,
His fear and power no longer to be contracted,
The sole of his soul was to be stripped and made still,
He was to be no more, willed the General Will,
And so, he vanished into history, becoming a true nobody,
And no one would ever know his story,
The story of he who had fought the horrid evils seen on Earth.

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