Brown Eyes

September 16, 2011
By Vallery SILVER, Spotsylvania, Virginia
Vallery SILVER, Spotsylvania, Virginia
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It melts me.
I catch my breath and it releases my memory.

I do not know how you do it
nor why i react the way i do,
maybe its because we get it
or maybe i am shamefully falling for you.

Our eyes meet for half a second.
But in that brief time
my heart and my head try to reckon,
reckon with the fact that you could never be mine.

Your smile hardly meets your eyes, but when it does surely it is magic
for how could magic ever lie,
which could only be described as tragic.

So, yes, maybe I am dumb for falling,


deeper and

deeper into
those warm brown eyes
so inviting and promising.
Ah. Breathless. No words could define.

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