Nazca Lines

September 16, 2011
By Ogeechee GOLD, Bridgeton, New Jersey
Ogeechee GOLD, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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I. The Sleeper of Time
Sleeper of time
Whisper in my ear
Your sad and lonely rime
Make things appear
Wash your hands
In the waves of time
Lash the evolution
Crack the devastation
Conduct the dirge of season
Reveal the truth of reason
Beneath a mounted rhyme
Lies forever true,
This sleeper of time

II. Next World
This is where the liar sits dreaming
This is where the hypocrite's breathing

This is where the dead run free
This is when the fumes release
This is how the dragons die
This is how the demons cry
They are who control us
They are who are us?

Celebration feast
Deliver me!

III. Celebration Feast
A deep underground forge
Hot and glowing, they're marching
Over and over and
Floating, boating, and rowing
Beneath the earth a world of them

Pelican marching
A mind-numbing swagger
Deliver them from watery graves

And the sweet roses that dance to the winds
At the foot of their great cathedral
With the pelican marching
With the skeleton marching
When the blades are drawn
Dusk to dawn

Celebration feast
Saturn's cross
Across all planes
Far from us
Across all planes

IV. O'Atlantia
Freed from the reigns
Wreathed in flame
Sailing in the mist and rain
Of everest and shame
I'the name of wine and brine
Capable of all binds

We are not being fair to these valleys
All these waters and hills we are not being fair
Atlantia's canyons are stunning and new
A kind of soil that's pink and blue
It floats on the wind like a flying beast
It sails through the air where no planet may dare

Celebration feast
Skeletons marching

O'Atlantia's watching
The canvas concealed
Its drawn to the final line

V. Jupiter's Reflection
On forever brought together
Gone so far the ancients' greeting
A patient's breathing
A liar's dreaming
On and on and on and on
What happens there is what happens here
Atop the stormy beast
The screams and cries are drawing near
An entire kingdom deceased

Celebration feast
A wretched cold
Twisted and black
I throw it back

Grieve for the old
Which never return
This impediment track
I throw it back

VI. In Luna
Save me...
For if castle walls sing hymns for the dead
Then the star-riddled sky may sing us to bed
We're packing this rocket up far too much
Will we ever reach the moon with this dastardly bunch?
And will we see just how far they will go?

As we brush and we go
And we go and we go
A sleigh ride for those who need not know

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