If you didn't leave

September 16, 2011
If you didn’t leave we would be very close.

If you didn’t leave I would not be in misery my whole life.

If you didn’t leave I would have that boat you promised we would build together but we never did.

If you didn’t leave I wouldn’t get in a lot of trouble.

If you didn’t leave I could be the nicest kid in the world.

If you didn’t leave I could take over your construction company.

When you left I wanted to dig a whole to the core of the Earth and make my body rot there.

I am probably the maddest boy in the world but I will find you.

When I’m an adult I will come see you and at least say Hi to your newest kid.

When I am a dad I will not leave my children like you did to me.

I wish you were like my step-dad, he never left me.

I’ll see you when I’m an adult and you better explain why you left me.

You’re an excuse for a dad.

I wish you never left.

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