Unrequited Feelings

September 15, 2011
By Claroosoo BRONZE, Travis AFB, California
Claroosoo BRONZE, Travis AFB, California
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Even though it just a game for you
I dream in vain that one day
my feelings will shine through

To win you over
and let you see
what our love
can really be


No matter how hard I try
You will always run and hide

Blinded by your own advice
I must now give up this fight
and be sadden over this sorry sight

The thought of us drifting apart and moving on make me sad
but the memories I made with you makes me glad

Even to the every end
I will crack a smile
speak lovely of you

I will always remember

always cherish
the time I spent with you


So Long



From a person who wanted to make this love truly be
as far and wide like the sea

The author's comments:
My 1st Poem

Not a poet but I have been learning about poetry and made this one in response to the lessons I have been learning.

Did my best to make it rhyme but relatable.

Please give me helpful advice and criticisms to make it better!

Theme here is mainly love. But it's put to you (the reader) who it is to you.

Inspired by a past experience.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

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