Being Young

September 16, 2011
By K.Spirit PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
K.Spirit PLATINUM, Nashville, Tennessee
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Youth is empty nights and days for stargazers
When feet are light and eyes peeled open
It's whimsical and nonsensical and yellow
When the sunlight hits the pavement and beckons you to lie upon it

To be childish is to fly in your dreams and not even remember how when you wake up
It's to blindingly stare into the hot light and let it burn through your thin eyelids
You can sing your heart out and not make a noise while doing it
When cars go by and disappear in an instant

The teenage years are for milky letters that drip with each word
And strawberry kisses that make stars drop
For running in shorts and tanks in the dense forest cover
When you can roll in the damp soil and watch the sun float lazily

Being young is to still make wishes at night and expect them to come true
To kneel at your bed and not mind the ache
You still read with rapture and doggy ear the pages
And for days when the sun is melting and slow and hazy

Being young is rising, low, soft, subtle, inspiring

And then gone under the sea

The author's comments:
This is my reflection on being a teenager and just enjoying simple things

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