Without You

September 15, 2011
Without you, I'm not me.
The warm summer breeze is like your breath touching me.
You're everywhere at once
All around me
I can't tell you how grateful I am that you found me.
It's quiet now and the sky is blue Each bird chirping reminds me of you,
How you tell me who I am,
who I'm not,
and who I want to be.
With out you, I'm not me.
The ocean water,
as cold as the truth you speak
The sand and shells under my feet The waves are like a hug from you Every Time they pull back, their saying it's through
I lose my balance and fall on the shore
In deep realization that I cant think these thoughts anymore
I immerse my self beneath the water
And think about things my father told me As a little girl:
he can't be your world if you can't be his.
But he is my world I contradict The air I breath
The songs I sing
The things I hear
Every tear
The scars on me
The blood I bleed
Every waking second
I'm not asleep.
But then again,
he is just a friend
And that he will stay
Tomorrow, today ,in every way
No longer to say with out you I am not me
For I am me with or without you I'm still me if I doubt you
I'm not gonna roundabout you
From here on out this is through Because I am still me without you

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