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September 7, 2011
By Christcw SILVER, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Christcw SILVER, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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I ate his liver with fava beans and a nice chianti.

I'm way too scared to tell you,
Well I can't make myself anyway.
But will I tell you how I feel,
Before it's too late?
I keep telling myself "be brave",
My time is running out,
Forget it, I'm too shy,
The words just won't come out.
I see you passing by,
'Ok here's my chance',
But again I let you go,
With just a simple glance.
When should I tell you?
Well, maybe another day,
But really it's no use,
You wouldn't like me anyway.
So I make up my mind,
I decide to let you go,
I think I could have loved you,
Oh the things you'll never know.
If only I had another chance,
To make you see who I am,
But you're body put me in a trance,
And this is who I am.

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