September 7, 2011
By Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
Jms111 GOLD, Rosamond, California
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Something in this room
Smells like you
Your scent has me me spinning
Lock the door, baby girl
Cause it's a secret

That apartment sure sounds lovely
Until then I learn to keep my composure
and how to refrain from the loneliness
Everything you say makes it easier
I'd wait for you everyday

Something in this room
Smells like you
But the scent is fading
And I'm missing you terribly
I never imagined this is how it would be

Turns out I'm still sleeping
Show me what it is I'm dreaming of
You're my own personal dose of reality
Cause you're not perfect
And you tend to hurt me

I wouldn't trade you for a mirror of this world
For I am part of it
And it afflicts you too

If you could only open my eyes
I would see
You lying on the bed
Beside me

Everything you do makes it easier
Some didn't, but I would
I'd wait for you everyday
So that even if it ends wrong
It'll end the right way

Something in this room
Smells like you
And I think it's me
Wake me up
So I can watch you come through the door
My eyes have missed your sight
Now its time to close them
Time to say good night

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