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Unfortunate Events

September 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Glitter filled eyes
Vodka flavored tears
Lovely messes
Wonderful and unclean

The most beautiful words I’ve ever heard tattoo themselves onto my skin
Dreamlike images sink into my head
We close our eyes and see
This is you and this is me
We don't fit anywhere

We'll live in a dark old house
It will always be grey
Rain will fall and wash our memories away
Life seen through the eyes of two strange children
Who never grew up

We'll smile
Laughter will never fall from our lips
We'll cry
But never be sad
We'll dance in the dark
Light will never touch our skin
We'll play under trees with no leaves
No one will ever take this away

These will be our unfortunate events
Spoken in unfortunate words
Hold my hand
Pale skin against pale skin
Cold kissed fingertips
This is the only love that I know

Unfortunate lives
Being lived by two strange people
You are love
This is happiness
In our unfortunate world

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