Cauterize Me

September 10, 2011
Brand me,
Sign your name on my heart,
With black ink,
So everyone can know,
Who ruined me,

Burn my skin,
So I can feel,
Like the empty shell I am,
I love the flame,
So light me on fire,

Trust me,
I should know,
That you could,
Never be trusted,
So lie to me,

Tell me a story,
The one about the girl,
Who fell for you so bad,
And you left,
Even though I know that girl will be me,

See me,
For who I really am,
So I can see it too,
Because you tell me,
What to do and who to be,

You control me,
And I wish you didn't,
Please erase,
Everything you've ever done,
That was nice,

So I can finally move on.

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