Cauterize Me

September 10, 2011
By Bouskiegirl PLATINUM, Hawkeye, Iowa
Bouskiegirl PLATINUM, Hawkeye, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"Nobody is worth your tears, the one who is will never make you cry."

Brand me,
Sign your name on my heart,
With black ink,
So everyone can know,
Who ruined me,

Burn my skin,
So I can feel,
Like the empty shell I am,
I love the flame,
So light me on fire,

Trust me,
I should know,
That you could,
Never be trusted,
So lie to me,

Tell me a story,
The one about the girl,
Who fell for you so bad,
And you left,
Even though I know that girl will be me,

See me,
For who I really am,
So I can see it too,
Because you tell me,
What to do and who to be,

You control me,
And I wish you didn't,
Please erase,
Everything you've ever done,
That was nice,

So I can finally move on.

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