September 10, 2011
By Katy11 BRONZE, Rockton, Illinois
Katy11 BRONZE, Rockton, Illinois
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"Say what you feel and do what you please, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." - Unknown

I don't know where I'm going.
I have no idea what direction this path is leading me.
I don't have a clue what I'm here for.
I'm just walking.

Some may say I'm an idiot,
Some may say I'm just a young and naive child.
Others may say nothing, yet their eyes convey unsaid messages to me.
But I ignore them because I'm walking.

It isn't a fast walk, in fact it's rather slow.
But if I run I'll miss it all,
It would turn into a meaningless blur.
So I'll just walk.

I pass many people as I walk,
And many other people pass me.
I shake my head in pity, they're going to miss it.
They're going to look back and wish that they had just walked like me.

As I walk others join me, they appear at my side lightening me steps.
My family,
My friends,
My world.

My smile grows brighter as I listen to our feet hit the pavement in perfect harmony.
I hear other uneven footsteps behind me and I look back for a moment,
I see others with anxious looks on their faces, taking uneven steps toward us as if unsure.
And others still, remain stationary with a bored, discontented look upon their faces.

Shaking my head I look forward again and continue walking.
If they don't take the risk,
They will never know.
If they don't take the shot, they will never know if they scored the goal.

I will know though,
I will reach a point where the path stops,
And then I will look back and be happy that I went for it.
I took the chance.

I was loved,
I was happy,
I was brave,
I walked.

But for now I will keep walking and my friends and family will walk with me,
They will not follow,
They will not lead,
They will walk beside me as equals forevermore.

The author's comments:
I was just thinking.....that's all.

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