80 Miles There & Back

September 6, 2011
By mle_eason SILVER, Carbondale, Colorado
mle_eason SILVER, Carbondale, Colorado
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Show them what it means to be amazing.

I’m from 80 miles there and back,
I’m from 75% negative numbers and down feather coats in between birthdays
From happiness to hopscotch, hello to have a good life
I’m from dizzy crystals to soggy songs. I’m from altitude sickness.

I’m from a life full of turn234 kick678
From the wood of two princess pink slippers breaking my bones. Over and again.
I’m from countless curses whispered under lights, and shaky hands wiping away black-stained tears
From scarlet pools in satin shoes after repetition trying to reach unreachable perfection

I’m from ‘do your best’ and ‘never give up’, ‘I believe you can’ and ‘sometimes it’s luck’
I’ m from thousands of miles away, or at least that’s where my heart has been.
From three to college, then two until 13
I’m from loss and gain, then loss again.

I’m from strawberry blond and sour-cream pale
From my family and siblings being only mine, to second marriages and now there’s nine.
I’m from the stars, the summers and the snow
I’m from 80 miles there and back wherever I go.

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