In Memory of Love

September 6, 2011
By DementedDoll BRONZE, Osgoode, Other
DementedDoll BRONZE, Osgoode, Other
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In memory of love I'll shed a tear,
Next to the gravestone we set when the end was near,
All this pain I cannot take,
In memory of love I try not to cry when I'm awake.
In memory of love stitch up my heart,
Next to what marks we are now apart,
And once again rip the seams,
In memory of love.. whatever that word means.
In memory of love is written on the gravestone,
People keep telling me I'm not alone.
I feel like no matter what they say,
In memory of love wipe my tears away.
In memory of love I'll cry myself to sleep,
I know I wasn't the one you wanted keep,
I guess I believed we were meant to be,
In memory of love engraved in everything I see,
In memory of love I'll look through our photographs,
Remember how those used to bring us laughs,
What now brings me to tears,
In memory of love.. losing you was one of my biggest fears,
In memory of love you're still on my mind,
I'm just pretending that I'm fine,
I still don't understand why you left me that instant,
In memory of love.. what is now so distant.
In memory of love I hold my breath,
This is it.. this is love's death,
Now I wonder who you're thinking of,
In memory of love.

The author's comments:
My sister gave me the idea for a this piece from a drawing of a gravestone that said In memory of Love on it.

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