Thank You

September 6, 2011
On the days like today
When you feel so far away
I wonder how I came to be
Wonder how you made me see
That I have more worth than I know
And that I can chose to let it show
Yet somehow I let the masochist in me
Destroy all the good I had; everything serene
I lost all sense of self because I gave up on myself
I’m sorry I disappointed you; I’m sorry I lost

I’ve tipped the balance that’s so necessary in this messed up world
But I still want to try, want to hope; I’m just scared
I lost my way before and now I don’t know …. Anything

I need… something simple
I want… you
I see… how the world is, and how it should be
I feel… the rift between the two growing
I want something simple
I need you.

You taught me everything good
And I just turned away
I feel like the worst person in the world
And still you tell me I’m worth more
I don’t understand why you chose me
I never used to be so insecure why did I do this to myself
I just don’t get I did to get here, to lose all I worked towards

I tipped the balance that’s so necessary
Now I just hope I can find it again; I’m just scared
So I push every ounce of help away; except, you know… you

I need… simplicity
I want… you
I see… our growing rift
I feel… responsible
I want something simple
I need you … I think.

I take back my one regret in life
The one mistake that lead to every s*** faced thing I’ve dealt with
But I don’t take back my decision to turn to you
That was my best choice
You’re my best choice.
I need something simple…. Your smile
I want you… to help me through
I see the differences… I find a balance
I feel it growing… I thank you
I want something simple all the time
I guess that’s why I need you.

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