Dearest Dear

September 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Dearest dear,
Sparkling eyes so clear.
My heart belongs to you.
And you're near I cannot help but stare.
Or know what to say or do.
My Juliet, I have feelings for you.
And my hopes are that you care for me too.
Although this may not be a tragedy.
I want you to take what's left of me.
My little drug all I need is one little dose.
I want to cuddle, hug and hold you nice and close.
I want to feel you heartbeat beat with mine.
Would you like to feel my heart? it's beating out of time.
Lets fall hopelessly in love.
Because we are teenagers and that's what we do.
Let our hearts define everything inside of me and you.
Let's be something special, it only takes two.
We'll hold hands when everything is new and fresh.
And as time progresses maybe we can explore the plesures of flesh.
Be mine and I'll love you forever.
And when everything's legal everything will be better.
I want to kiss your fingertips,
Tracing the kisses to you your lips.
Sink my fingers into the side of your hips.
And find excitement in just the sound of the unzipping of zips.
Just look at what you're doing to me.
I'm sitting in class writing terrible poetry.
And with that line this poem has to end.
Here I stand forever being your friend.

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