Play Dress Up

September 6, 2011
By missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
missvu GOLD, Camas, Washington
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Everyday you seem to laugh,

Always, you seem to smile,

Pretending to be stable,

Tryna be a happy child,

You lie to yourself,

It's easy to fool someone you know,

Or rather someone that you don't,

People only question what you show,

They don't try to see inside,

Behind your fake visage,

They don't look for what you hide,

Only pleased by the pretty image,

Your face, your clothes, your hair,

All things easily manipulated,

Especially those who stare,

They don't know what they created,

Mutilated, complicated

Your self esteem and your pride,

For some reason their acceptance is essential,

And, poor baby, you've been deprived,

Denied of your right

To express your true self,

This selfish world leaves you

Alone and unwell,

It's hard to tell, whether or not

Your future looks bright,

Maybe you'll do drugs and put out,

Just to feel like you're liked,

By objects or by people,

Are you so consumed ?

Materialism is the problem,

Experts wrongly assume,

But they don't know about your life,

They don't know what you got,

Maybe it's clinical depression,

But superficial? You are not.

Shut down by your peers,

The pressure to fit in breaks you apart,

To nothing but a void,

A shell with no soul and no heart,

Startling, to some,

To see how conformity has taken its toll,

Played its role in our "society",

But who's really in control ?

Who stole your lives, your opinions,

Your individuality ?

Corporations, mass production,

Just slaves who need the money,

And since beggars can't be choosers,

What choice do you have ?

Falling prey is inevitable,

They seem to have you all trapped,

You don't get the chance to get out,

To explore and to grow,

Wealth and beauty mean success,

And that's all a little girl knows,

She's told how to be a "lady",

That it's best to dress to excess,

Excessive time spent on her looks,

Time spent on her morals - a little less,

It's necessary for her,

Or so she's led to believe,

But little girl rethink your views,

For I think you've been deceived.

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