Cobble Stones

September 6, 2011
I wake up to glass-covered streets
Leaded windows too blind to see
Where did all the potential they assured me go
More than a dream now
One last yawn before I make my step
Bare feet are sure to be distressed
Working my paramount finds me no-where
To a bitter, blank reality
No fields overflowing with lakes of milk and honey
Justice has not been served
In this twisted dark veracity
Signs point to the promise land with fierce determination
Barbed wire litter those cobble stones
Shivering, confused, I must have overslept
With sleep still in my eyes
Colleges pull me in with one look
Creature’s guard from distant fences
As I change from colors blue, brown, yellow, white
Their eyes are jaded and mistrusting
Only the strong may go through
Spears pierce my soul pull and brand it every other way
Suspended, but not fully contained
Ready to collapse at any moment
If there had been anything left to descend
My life has not been lived enough to be highly valued
By those creatures in my home
What I strive for and imagine
Sweeps the ocean floor and captures no essence
They resign their interest in me
I have not pleased their greed
The streets are rough on my newly abused feet
But that’s okay
They weren’t right for me anyway

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