Night Song

September 6, 2011
By Shadow37 BRONZE, Sebastopol, California
Shadow37 BRONZE, Sebastopol, California
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a full moon
hanging low in the sky
a sleeping town

a thread of music
winds its way
through the quiet streets
a sign of life
of hope
for the hopeless

sung by the silence
the song
skips along cobbled roads
across sewers
and parked cars
admiring the stillness
of the usually bustling city,
basking in the glow of the huge yellow orb
floating miraculously amongst near invisible stars

it whispers its way into dreamers ears
who stay up noiselessly
through the night
dreaming their
crucial dreams
lending them a murmur
to aid their thoughts

it pauses in a mother's round belly
singing a lullaby to the unborn
and continues
through the darkness
dancing about the city
until a peek of gold
sneaks soundlessly over the horizon
and the tune
disappears in a wink
of sleep laden lashes

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