What I Have To Do

September 14, 2011
Sitting next to you,
and wondering where we are,
I am at a loss for words,
and this all seems too far,
for me to keep going,
I must take a stand,
I must show you how I feel,
and take you by the hand,
nothing makes more sense,
than holding you close to me,
that's why I fall apart,
every time you leave,
there is no hiding the pain,
there is no escape from this,
all I have left to me,
is just a moment of bliss,
I want to wrap my arms around you,
and make you feel more safe,
I just need to be your man,
and I need to hope I'm not too late,
I willl be here waiting,
for you to open up to me,
I will be in the sidelines,
hoping I am the one you see,
I willl never be gone,
I willl be waiting for you,
this is where I need to be,
this is what I have to do...

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