I Just Want To Rewind

September 14, 2011
This brings me so much pain,
this is why I try to leave,
I always get stuck in the rain,
I wait around for you to see,
I feel like there is something more,
than what you say to my face,
I am just drawn upon shore,
with memories I can't erase,
I rush through life with a broken heart,
and try to find myself,
you and I should not be apart,
because that leads me into hell,
being with you is the only thing,
that keeps me right in mind,
I listen to my death bells toll,
and realize you are hard to find,
there is something blocking my sight with you,
for some reason i can't get past,
it makes me wonder if your love is true,
and how this all happened so fast,
you are the only part that matters to me,
yet you do not seem to care,
I need to feel like I am free,
but that only happens when you are there,
please don't let this go like that,
don't let me be left behind,
for you I gave up all I had,
and now I just want to rewind...

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