You Are My Everything

September 14, 2011
By music_man748 PLATINUM, Monett, Missouri
music_man748 PLATINUM, Monett, Missouri
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Broken into pieces,
in a place where I don't belong,
searching for a reason,
to let this last so long,
I have been here for a while now,
and done nothing but get hurt,
I have fought through fair and foul,
and I guess this is what I deserve,
if I ever ask one favor,
it will be as simple as this,
never be my hater,
and fill my life with bliss,
please just make that real,
make me feel like I have a chance,
don't let this be my seal,
and take me by the hands,
this is all I ask in life,
and now is all I have,
I just want to end the strife,
and stop being so sad,
you are all I care about,
and all I could ever want,
but you keep having doubts,
and that just ends my fun,
for now I just have to let go,
and let you be yourself,
I just want you to know,
that I will wait through hell,
you are what stops me from being wrong,
and you are what helps me sing,
you are what has made me strong,
you are my everything...

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