Walking Alone

September 13, 2011
By MegFarr BRONZE, Westchester, New York
MegFarr BRONZE, Westchester, New York
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To tell you from the start, it is spring and the moon is bright

I am out walking alone, you would think I would have a fright

What you don’t see is the most important thing

I feel safe out here at night in the spring

More at home than I’ve ever felt, I look up and see Orion’s Belt

It guides me back, back to the place called home

A home, that is not a home, just a roof and a building, brought together by stone

I think to myself, I am back here now, tomorrow I will leave again

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow is the night, another night with no fright

For me to never return to the place that has put up the biggest fight

That place that some call home

The author's comments:
This really speaks to me, I hope it speaks to you also.

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