broken dreams

September 13, 2011
By katie carlson BRONZE, Floral City, Florida
katie carlson BRONZE, Floral City, Florida
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I cant see for the sorrow.

I cant breath for the pain.

I'll not make it to tomorrow

and if i do ... I wont be the same.

I cant see the stars for the clouds.

I cant become warm for the rain.

I am hidden in the shrouds

of my past mistakes and pains.

I don't know why I'm here now.

Why should i live while the good die?

I still have a soul

though i don't know how.

and a heart... with a beat as faint as a sigh.

I cant move, shackled by suffering

I cant hide with all your eyes on me.

My tears are echoed by the ones i hurt.

There's no place to just be.

I cant see today, for tomorrow.

I cant see now for yesterday.

I cant breathe for the sorrow.

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