Theres always someone

September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

When you cry out at night and there’s no one around,
Who do you turn to when you're feeling down?
Tears are rolling down your face.
Your arms are wrapped around you like lace.
You’re crying out into the night, but no one can hear you, no one’s around.
You’re walking down the street, shivering against the wind asking yourself, is this the end?
You yell for help, yell for comfort.
But no one can hear you, no one’s around.
You fall to your knees, weep with sorrow, wrap your arms around you and try not to fall apart.
You stay there for what seems like forever.
You’re feeling like you’re going to melt, just sitting there weeping for help.
But no one can hear you, no one’s around.
This burden weighs a ton. You’re telling yourself “I’m done.”
One last time you cry out for help, cry out for comfort.
And that one person hears you. That one person is around.

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