True Love

September 13, 2011
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Everyone has their different ideas of love,
To some people, love is ever lasting,
Never ending, it stretches on till the end of time.
Love is about happiness,
You can’t truly experience love,
Without loving yourself first.
Love is like elastic
It tears and wears, but stretches on forever.
Love is sharing,
Love is caring,
Love is about hope,
And willingness.
Love is about taking risks
You might get hurt,
But this is all part of love.
Other people say;
Love is like the moon,
It has its different stages
The last stage its full and beautiful
Before it finally disappears.
Love is like the seasons it comes and goes,
Love is like the sun,
It rises and falls,
Love is like a flower,
It grows and blossoms,
Before finally dying.
Love has its ups and downs,
But this should not stop
From atleast trying to experince Love.
Love is something beautiful and rare,
So treasure and honour it.

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