what am i ...?

September 13, 2011
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i sit here, and continue to be taunted by you, i go home later, and i cry about you, about the things you say and do, i let you walk all over me, my body is limp, i cannot speak, i cannot move, I'm scared of you, because i don't have as much power as you, i lay there dreaming about you, imagining you, and the things you do and say, i stand there, fear in my eyes, as to what you may do to me next, what am i to you? Am i this rag doll? Am i dirt on your shoe? Am i not human? cause clearly you don't care about me. well you must if you're going to continue to taunt me like you do...i must simply have something that you don't. But you can't possibly have it. Because me I'm unique and me ... I've overcome you. I've fought you and won. Because i am me.

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